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Angwin is a community of about 3000 residents on Howell Mountain. We are in a coastal range of northern California, about 70 mi. north of San Francisco.
The Village ranges from 1600 to 2200 ft. elevation, overlooking the scenic Napa Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and forests.
Many Angwin residents work for Pacific Union College, a liberal arts college with a national reputation, or the nearby St. Helena Hospital.

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April 9, 2017

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Two educational experts meeting Howell Mountain
Elementary School administrative needs
For years the Howell Mountain Elementary School has been able to find one administrator who could serve simultaneously as both superintendent of the school district and principal of the little school. This year, no such person could be found to drive to Angwin from some distance. But the school board explored the possibility of finding one person willing to be the superintendent and another to serve as principal. Both to be part-timers, holding down the office on different days of the week.
Dr. Cindy Toews came out of retirement to bring her 24 years of experience as an administrator and teacher to the little HMES school. She had earned her doctorate in Education Leadership and served as assistant superintendent in a larger district.
Jenny Latona, a teacher for 15 years, carries out the tasks of principal. She holds credentials as a school administrator so she and Dr. Toews share the administration responsibilities at the school. A happy solution. "Two heads are better than one."
Five Angwin people are serving on the school board. They are Stephanie Parry, Ryan Hackett, Ashley Jambois, Lisa Welbom and Wendy Yorgersten.
This year's teachers are:
Kathy Moorehead -TK-Kinder
Lauren Bledsoe - 1st and 2nd
Vinnie Rothwell - 3rd and 4th
Michael Luque - 5th and 6th
Andrew Vance - 7th and 8th
Dr. Cindy Toews, Superintendent
Dr. Cindy Toews holds a doctorate in Education Leadership, is providing part-time service as superintendent of the HMES District
Jenny Latona, Principal
Jenny Latona, with 15 years experience in teaching, has been promoted to principal.