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About Angwin...
Angwin is a community of about 3000 residents on Howell Mountain. We are in a coastal range of northern California, about 70 mi. north of San Francisco.
The Village ranges from 1600 to 2200 ft. elevation, overlooking the scenic Napa Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and forests.
Many Angwin residents work for Pacific Union College, a liberal arts college with a national reputation, or the nearby St. Helena Hospital.

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March 16, 2017

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Silverado Credit Union's Annual Membership
Meeting hears Report on Improving Economy
Marilyn Van Dolson & Ed Graves
Marilyn Van Dolson, president of the Silverado Credit Union, reeled off a number of positive trends in the national economy for guests at the annual membership meeting recently. She reported the following good news:
1. The unemployment may drop to 4.5%.
2. More workers will move into better paying jobs.
3. Auto sales will remain high, a guide to consumer confidence.
4. Low energy costs are boosting an increase in savings.
Van Dolson reported that the Angwin credit union has created auto loans totaling $1,734,761 and real estate loans totaling $29,842,970. The total loan portfolio has been boosted to $32,592,624, or 85.36% of deposits. In short, it is serving a larger number of residents, who need to borrow from time to time.
She reported that delinquent loans, measured by 60 days of failure to make payments, are 1.22% for credit unions of comparable size. But the figure for the Silverado CU is zero.
The new electronic home banking and bill payment program which was initiated a year ago is making transactions easier for members.
Current members of the Board of Directors include:
John Nunes, Chairman
Curtis Church, Vice Chairman
Sherrilyn Roth, Secretary
Marilyn Van Dolson, Treasurer
Michael Grimes, Member
Jeff Veness, Member
Chris White, Member
Members of the Supervisory Committee are:
Duane Barnes, Chairman
Daniel Madrid, Member
Mark Pacini, Member
Van Dolson reaffirmed the credit union's long history of service to the Angwin community. "Our Number One goal is to provide you, our members, with courteous, helpful and knowledgable service."
door prize being handed out
One of the highlights of the annual Credit Union meeting is the drawing for all kinds of presents. Don Buller, an SCU Board Member for 40 years, has conducted the drawings for even longer. Above, he congratulates 11-month-old Daniel, son of Austin and Becky Dice, for winning a magnetic sketch pad.

The Angwin Hikers
Bruce and Janet Ivey
Bruce and Janet Ivey have a hobby. Hiking.
They have been hiking all around Napa County, leading hikes sponsored by the Land Trust of Napa County. Their list includes these favorites:
Blue Ridge
Zim Zim Falls
Aetna Springs to Duff Peak
Wildlake to Calistoga
Turks Head
Long Canyon/Foley Creek
And of course, our own - To Linda Falls
Some of these are to waterfalls. Some to forests. And some to the really high places where they can look down on Napa Valley.
Janet's last job was as administrative assistant to the PUC president. Bruce taught Physics and Computer Science. Both were raised in Michigan where the hobbies are golf and tennis, certainly not walking uphill.
They have hiked trails to beautiful destinations.
Group of hikers going uphill
Some are easy going up.
Group of hikersgoing downhill
Some are rocky going down.