Dec 30, 2016

Eric Anderson New President of PUC
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson, who recently retired as president of Southwestern Adventist University, came home to Angwin and was promptly recruited to serve as interim president of Pacific Union College.
"Coming home" means Dr. Anderson served as a faculty member at PUC for 30 years, the fourth generation of his family to teach here. His grandmother, Agnes Caviness, was PUC's first baccalaureate graduate.
"Coming home" also means returning to Angwin as his hometown, to live on ancestral property built years ago.
Dr. Anderson's long academic career includes earning a Ph. D. at the University of Chicago, teaching history to thousands of PUC students in his classes, serving as a Fulbright lecturer in Greece and bringing his deep knowledge of history to the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Eric and his wife Loretta will resume living on familiar family property in Angwin where they had come to retire. He will serve as PUC president until the college Board has found a replacement for Dr. Heather Knight who recently retired.