Feb 8, 2016

New Angwin Telephone Book
"Best Seller" now in the Market
2015 Angwin Phonebook
The cover of the new edition is a photo of an Angwin family enjoying a visit to Linda Falls. Even in July, Conn Creek was carrying some flow.
A new edition of the Angwin Telephone Book is now in the College Market, replacing the edition issued three years ago. The publisher reports that it contains more than 700 listings. People coming and going represent the biggest chunk of 352 changes.
The new edition once again dedicates 23 pages to subjects of interest to residents - Sunset table, rainfall and temperature statistics through the year, an Angwin street map, pages on Angwin history, and a Business Directory.
Twelve of the 23 pages are dedicated to Angwin service organizations: The 4-H Club, Pathfinders, The Neighborhood Table, Angwin Community Services, the churches, the volunteer Ambulance Company, the volunteer Angwin Fire Department, the Howell Mountain Education Foundation, the PUC Elementary School, PUC Prep, the Angwin Food Pantry.
If you want to know more about Angwin, this is the place to go.
The price of the new edition has been reduced from $8 to $7. Pacific Union College faculty and staff will receive their usual discounts in addition.

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