Nov 22, 2015

Days of Green and Gold
The grapes are hanging heavy on the vine, waiting for the late October harvest. The house is chilly when we wake up. The weatherman is using the "maybe" word a lot. "Maybe" some sprinkles of rain up there on Howell Mountain. "Maybe" a light snowfall in the high Sierra.
But the most glorious color of this change of seasons in Angwin is that brilliant merging of summer green and autumn gold, the best of both. The days of past and promise. Enjoy.
Green and gold vineyard

HMES does another Hallowe-en parade
The Howell Mountain Elementary School staged another of its Hallowe-en Parades a few days ago. All the mothers dressed their children in beautiful - or outrageous - costumes and some of them joined in the fun themselves, in beautiful or outrageous.
2015Father Castro and daughter Jade
Father Castro took one of the youngest, daughter Jade, in costume.
3 HMES girls
Three HMES girls came with very different costumes. Left to right: Aliyah Flamson, Summer Krell and Marilyn Ramirez.
HMES faculty & staff
School faculty and staff turned out to enjoy the parade, and some of them came in costume, too.
HMES Board President, Sharee Bramham & kids
School Board President Sharee Bramham with her three children: Coby, Aubrielle and Keaton.