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Angwin is a community of about 3000 residents on Howell Mountain. We are in a coastal range of northern California, about 70 mi. north of San Francisco.
The Village ranges from 1600 to 2200 ft. elevation, overlooking the scenic Napa Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and forests.
Many Angwin residents work for Pacific Union College, a liberal arts college with a national reputation, or the nearby St. Helena Hospital.

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Aug 6, 2015

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Breaking news ... Monday, Aug. 10, 2015
A new fire has broken out very close to the origin of the Rocky Road fire which started a few miles east of Lower Lake. The Jerusalem fire started about 3:45 yesterday afternoon, grew rapidly to 3,000 acres by nightfall, and continued to 6,000 within 24 hours after its origination.
It began about 25 miles from Angwin. The map (top picture) shows the closeness of the Jerusalem fire just below the Rocky fire. The middle picture was taken from Butts Canyon Road near Middletown about 20 minutes after it began. The bottom picture was taken 24 hours later from Howell Mountain Road a mlle north of the Chevron station. The height of the column of smoke had risen about 1,000 feet and the top had become visible for many miles around.
The color of the column rising from the ground is mostly dark gray or black but it changes color constantly depending upon what it is burning at the moment. Spectacular.
Such sightings tell us once again that Angwin is truly in high fire danger country.
Map of Rocky and Jerusalem Fires
Smoke cloud of Jerusalem Fire near Middletown
Smoke cloud of Jerusalem Fire near Angwin

The Rocky Fire .. too close for comfort
Rocky Fire Map
The Rocky Fire started about 25 miles, as the crow flies, from Angwin. But residents on Howell Mountain Road, a mile from the Chevron station, could see its columns of smoke rising high in the sky and the orange glow of its flames in the night sky.
The Rocky is another reminder that Angwin is in a "high fire danger" area and in the past some have come perilously close to homes here.
The Rocky Fire originated about four miles east of Lower Lake in Lake County. If it had moved westward, it would have destroyed dozens of homes. But the prevailing wind for five days carried it north and east, through steep hills and very few homes.
Hot days and strong winds took it miles undefeatable in the first days after its discovery. The high hills and woods made it almost impossible for firemen to reach and staunch it. A fleet of helicopters and tanker planes dumped water on the advancing fires, but the fire fighters fell back to hopes that the asphalt highways Route 20 in the north and Route 16 in the east would bring it to a halt. And it did for miles along both routes. But on August 4, winds carried embers across Route 20 and into fresh territory.
By August 4, Rocky had burned 67,000 acres. By August 5, an army of firemen had expanded its containment from a persistent 5% to 20 %. Weak winds and humidity were working for them.. Most of all, they were benefitting from a massive influx of reinforcements like this:
Total fire personnel 3,483
Total fire engines 327
Total air tankers 4
Total helicopters 18
Total bulldozers 63
Total water tenders 43
While some Angwin residents were watching the wildfire from afar, we talked with a popular worker in Angwin who lives very close to the origin of Rocky. He commutes that distance. Last week while the fire was just 3-1/2 miles from his house, he got up early in the morning, hosed the ash off the windshield of his pickup, and with the glow of the fire in his rearview mirror, drove off to work.
"Not to worry, " he said. "The car is packed. Sarah's driving license is valid, and she's good to go. " Of course.
Fire fighters from hundreds of miles away have been driving through Angwin. Like the four engines (below) from Los Angeles County which stopped at our gas station to fill their tanks. Little reminders that Rocky is part of our lives. And there are three more months of bone-dry brush out there, waiting for the next one.
Fire Engines at Angwin Chevron

Another big promotion for Avery . . .
Browne boosted to headquarters Job
Avery Browne
Long-time Angwin resident and community leader, Avery Browne, has won another promotion in his career trajectory with the California Highway Patrol. Only a year ago, he was put in command of the Golden Gate Division where he supervised an organization of 1200 patrolmen and 200 civilians.
A few days ago, the CHP promoted him to Assistant Commissioner, with executive-level oversight of four administrative Divisions and offices. The statement from CHP headquarters said, "Commissioner Browne is a 26-year veteran of law enforcement, with more than seven years of experience in command positions within the CHP. Among the highlights of his more than 19 years with the CHP, Browne has served as the Commander of Golden Gate Division and the Office of Special Representative, acting as the Department's primary liaison with the members of the State Assembly and Senate. A decorated combat veteran, Browne is also a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal."
Avery has served as Angwin's fire chief for years, and distinguished himself as a popular community leader. Hearing of this most recent promotion in his "day job", to such a high level in the CHP headquarters, has produced applause for a fellow resident of this small village on Howell Mountain.