May 14, 2015

County allocates $7.7 million for
Angwin and PUC water systems
A tax initiative, Measure A, for flood control was approved by Napa County voters a number of years ago. It included a provision that after the flood control system in Napa City had been substantially completed, some funding would be given to water companies in the unincorporated area for improvement of obsolete facilities.
Measure A funding for Angwin projecs is expected to reach $7.7 million by 2017.
The Angwin systems benefitted include the Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company, which serves more than 400 users in Angwin and Deer Park, the PUC system serving the campus and college housing in the community, and several small systems in the community, plus the St. Helena Hospital system which serves some of Deer Park.
Completed projects thus far:
Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company
Construction of new water tank.
Repair of intake pipe at Lake Henne.
Improvements to Orville Pump Station.
Upgrade of supply line to Deer Park.
Repair of White Cottage Road line.
Rehabilitation of well.
Installation of back-up generators.
Upgrades to filters in treatment plant.
Stabilization work on dam and new water storage tank.
Rancho La Jota
Replacement of Rancho La Jota well.
Linda Falls Mutual Water Company
Improvements to well head quality and tank replacement.
Drilling of new well.
Improvements still underway:
St. Helena Hospital
Upgrades to well, manifold and line
Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company
Improvements to Deer Lake and Orville Dam.
Proposed projects under consideration:
Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company
Pipeline connection from Well #1 to Henne pump house. $30,000.
Pipeline from Newton Lake to Deer Lake. $16,000.
Pipeline replacement from White Cottage So. to Sunset, $265,000.
Chemical storage tank replacement. $30,000.
Epoxy coating of treatment plant tanks. $85,000.
La Tierra Mutual Water Company
Replacement of wells, to be 700 ft. deep. $70,000.
Lining of water storage tanks. $25,000.
Pacific Union College
Building of new 1,000,000-gallon storage tank to replace two smaller tanks and refurbishing of two existing tanks. $1,121,000.
Drilling of new well to replace an existing well. $510,000.
St. Helena Hospital
Replacement of ancient pipeline, new wells, chlorine station. $3 million.
New water tank for Angwin water company

Howell Mountain Mutual Water Compan New Water Tank
The new HMMWC steel tank dwarfs Office Manager William Miller. It measures 54 feet in diameter and stands three stories high
Construction has been completed on a new 500,000-gallon water tank for the Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company. It will hold enough water to meet the normal needs of the 430 Angwin and Deer Park households on the system for five days. Funding for the $500,000 tank came from Napa County's Measure A program.
HMMWC's water comes from a watershed peaking at 2400-ft. elevation, 800 ft. above the village, and is captured in a series of reservoirs. It is carried through the water system plant and then into the new holding tank before release into its distribution lines throughout the community.
The HMMWC serves almost half the households in Angwin. (Others are served by Pacific Union College's wells, small neighborhood systems and private wells).