Dec 15, 2014

DeWeber Voted Fireman of the Year

Fireman of the Year, Peter DeWeber, handshake with Diane Dillon

Peter DeWeber being congratulated by Diane Dillon, County supervisor for the 3rd District, for being elected "Fireman of the Year" by the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department. The Department responded to 216 calls so far in 2014.

The first big winter storm

Conn Creek rushing by
The rainfall turned Conn Creek near the intersection of College Avenue and White Cottage Road into a fast-moving stream. It must be beautiful going over Linda Falls. And dangerous.

Angwin has finally seen the arrival of winter.
On December 10 and 11, the rain came down in serious intent, the wind arrived in gusts which might have been as strong as 50 mph, the water ran across Howell Mountain Road 2 inches deep, and the hardware store ran out of all but the largest tarps.
The Napa Valley Register reported that Angwin got 7 inches, more of the storm than any other Napa County area. Because Angwin elevations range from 1600 to 2200 feet, that number will vary.
The big storm has brought our rainfall this season to approximately 21.3 inches, a good start toward our average of 42.
The Howell Mountain Mutual Water Company needs a lot more than that average to reach the safe level of its reservoirs. Three years of drought will require some catch-up. About 400 households depend on that system.
The chart below presents Angwin's rainfall inches during the rainy season. They come to an annual historic average of about 42 inches.
Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr
1.87 6.44 6.73 8.29 8.48 6.52 2.64