Dec 5, 2014

The McCoy Years
Ruth McCoy died March 17 of this year; Lyle on September 30. The end of an era which had spanned decades of service to the Angwin community.
Lyle was a firefighter for 53 years, serving as chief for 15. He served in the Angwin Ambulance Company for 30 years. It is hard to imagine the hours of hard work and the number of episodes that called for skill and courage over those decades. He served on the Board of Directors of the Angwin Community Council concurrently for many of those years. He started and produced the first Angwin Telephone Book for more than 15 years.
During all of that time Ruth was Lyle's teammate. When the calls came in the middle of the night, he left with Ruth's prayers. She spent hours on secretarial chores for the volunteer departments. And during those years of volunteering, both of them worked, for PUC or the PUC Elementary School, and raised a family.
Lyle and Ruth produced a family genealogy of four sons, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. And a community genealogy of service They were there for the old man who fell off his ladder, the housewife with a fire in the kitchen, the teen-ager who ran off the road. Call it the McCoy years.

Lyle and Ruth McCoy

Two Angwin Photographers
Develop a Pathways Home Program
American soldiers fighting in strange and cruel places come home with serious combat health problems. Some with post traumatic stress or brain injuries. They need recovery.
The Pathways Home program in Napa addresses these problems, giving these veterans personal counseling and enrichment activities which will give them new hope for their futures. Two Angwin photographers have become part of this program, teaching veterans to see the world through new eyes. To see the beauty of things around them and to learn how to capture those images for their perennial enjoyment or the appreciation of their families.
Terence Ford, an accomplished photographer who lived in Angwin developed the program and proved its effectiveness. Ford moved to San Diego a couple of years ago, but he carried the vision with him and developed the program for a nearby Marine Corps base. Tom Turner, a veteran PUC photographer, has carried on the Napa Pathways program, and has turned a number of veterans into enjoyable amateur photographers.
Below, Turner at the left watches two of the veterans review some of their pictures on a laptop computer. Tom will carry some of them back to the PUC photo lab to enlarge and frame for his "students."
Tom Turner with two veterans