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About Angwin...
Angwin is a community of about 3000 residents on Howell Mountain. We are in a coastal range of northern California, about 70 mi. north of San Francisco.
The Village ranges from 1600 to 2200 ft. elevation, overlooking the scenic Napa Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and forests.
Many Angwin residents work for Pacific Union College, a liberal arts college with a national reputation, or the nearby St. Helena Hospital.

The story is in the statistics
A few weeks ago, we introduced viewers to our two new advertisers. But we didn't provide much information about them, so here it is. Just look at these numbers.
Angwin Dental..39 years, 10,000 patients
Dr. Robert Williams pioneered dental service in Angwin. He opened his office here 39 years ago. Since then he has served more then 10,000 patients. Tally those two figures and they spell one word...Experience. And a lot of Angwin people to whom he gave healthier teeth and brighter smiles. The other person on the Angwin team is Dr. Susan Fjarli, who came aboard in 2003, after serving as president of the Multnomah Dental Society and clinical professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. Another cheerful, competent person. Dr. Williams opened a Napa office in 1985, which his son, Dr. Jeff Williams, took over 10 years ago. Building a family tradition.
Advanced of the bunch
Angwin old timers, and some not so old, travel to Napa where Geoffrey Calkins and Elizabeth Gilson listen to our hearing problems and get us listening better. They face challenges and find solutions. In 2010, the independent "Bay Area Consumers' Checkbook" took a survey of 45 hearing aid centers throughout the Bay Area. Advanced Instruments hit the top of the list in six categories. Look at these scores:
Promptness of service
Quality of products
Variety of products
Ease of testing products
Overall quality
What can we exclaim about these two professional offices which have racked up years of service and statistics like these?
Something like "Wow!" comes to mind.
Angwin Dental ad Napa Sleep/Angwin Dental ad

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Aug 31, 2014

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Earthquake Delivers Blow to Napa
The headline on the Napa Valley Register last Sunday, August 24, was in huge, black letters - "6.0 EARTHQUAKE HITS NAPA AREA. " And on the evening TV news we saw at the outdoor Triage Center at Queen of the Valley hospital an Angwin ambulance.
Of course, they were there. Rousted out of bed in the early morning hours, by 5 o'clock, three Angwin ambulances sped down the hill to Napa, unaware of what they would encounter there, but trained and ready for whatever that might be.
Patrick Benner, Pacific Union College's computer librarian, and Jennifer Dimmick, nursing student, were in Med 37. James Robertson, PUC physics professor, and Brandon Browne, PUC student (son of Avery Browne, CEO of the Bay Area division of the California Highway Patrol) rolled out in Med 36. Dr. Curtis Han and Stacey Bauer, registered nurse, responded simultaneously in Med 34.
The three teams merged quickly into the Napa central rescue operation, answering Basic Life Support calls around Napa, assisting the paramedics and transporting patients to and from the makeshift outdoor triage center, set up rapidly at Queen of the Valley Hospital. They just did what they do so well, and their competence drew the appreciation and respect of everyone they served.
Two of the Angwin ambulance teams were released after eight busy hours. Patrick and Brandon were held until 8 pm, for 15 hours of quality community support.
An earthquake is a learning experience, even for our experienced veterans. They do good work.

Prepping HMES for another school year
A clutch of parents, teachers, staff and Angwin residents pitched in to make Howell Mountain Elementary School tidy and attractive for returning students last week.
Volunteers from Angwin's Save Rural Angwin joined the party.

Marsa Tully painting
Marsa Tully, long-time Save Rural Angwin leader, with paint brush.

Principal Cheryl Lynn de Werff prunes roses
Principal Cheryl Lynn de Werff joins the party to prune the roses.

Fifth Grader Harrison Ronayne with weed blower
Fifth Grader Harrison Ronayne blows off the playground. His mother, Gigi Ronayne, is HMES's First and Second Grade Teacher.

Carolyn Hackett and Shellie Klimenko
Carolyn Hackett, grandmother of new Kindergardener Morgann, and Shellie Klimenko, mother of new Kindergardener Nikolas, find things in common.

Randy Dunn using pressure washer
Randy Dunn, long-time HMES booster, came to grab the pressure-washing chore.
Others who came to work . .
Mike Hackett
Nikolas Klineko
Rachel Davies
David Davies
John Tully
Lauren Maykowski
Ava Maykowski
Mrs. Pina
Joanna Boshman
Isabella Pina
Bobby Thompson
Kathy Moorehead
Michael Moorehead
Joanna Bjorkman
Isanella Pina

As they say in newspaper gossip, a good time was had by all.