November 28, 2013

Another Parade in Angwin
Some 30 years ago, the Angwin Community Council staged a Family Day which included a parade down Main Street. About 40 entries, ranging from a child carrying a cat to someone playing a drum. A few days ago, the Howell Mountain Elementary School resurrected the parade idea, this time with a parade celebrating Hallowe'en.
Dozens of youngsters in costume walked from the school to the Fire House. Yes, parents and teachers got into the act, also. Great fun for everyone.
HMES kids and parents gathering for Halloween parade
Two girls-Indian and fairy princess
Good friends, of course, Indian maiden and fairy princess.
Three girls dressed up
Most of the paraders were girls, naturally. Mama had said, “OK, Susie, let’s get you all dressed up.”
Two girls-Indian and fairy princess
Three girls dressed up

Some parents got into the parade. Just dig out a hat you wore as somebody's Bridesmaid and voila, you are in the parade. At left, Sarah Desmond. At right, Kelsey Hadfield with daughter, Timbre.
HMES student Citlaly Pulido in costume
Citlaly Pulido, fourth grade student, wore the scariest costume for Halloween. Actually, it looks like something out of Aunt Sophia's closet.

First In a series... Small Businesses in Angwin
Milton Rivera's Hometown Roots
Milton Rivera, owner and operator of Rivera Auto Repair, was born in the St. Helena Hospital, went to school at Foothills Elementary, and attended PUC Prep. He wandered down to Napa where he operated an auto repair business for 21 years. But two years ago he opened a branch in Angwin where he is building a reputation among the locals. His daughter, Redy, works the service desk.
Rivera Auto Repair's Owner Milton Rivera and daughter Redy