October 14, 2013

New dentist in town . . .
Not so new to Angwin.
Dr. Peter VandenHoven was only eight years old when he arrived in Angwin the first time. That was 37 years ago and he was the son of Dr. Pieter VandenHoven, a highly regarded cardiologist, and mother, Sarah.
He was a true son of Angwin, graduating from PUC Elementary, PUC Prep, and Pacific Union College. After dental school, his first three years of dentistry were in Angwin. Then it was 12 years in Grass Valley.
Coming back to Howell Mountain was like coming home, looking forward to caring for his parents and giving his wife Heather and 7th grade daughter, Lauren, some of the good days he enjoyed growing up as an Angwinite.
Welcome back, Dr. Peter V.
Dr. Peter Vandenhoven

New at Howell Mountain Elementary School
Here are a couple of items from HMES as the school year begins
Michael Luque, new teacher
With 20 years experience, Michael Luque knows that a serious question deserves a serious answer and something called "education" happens. He came from Sonoma County, but is enjoying the "wonderful welcoming Angwin community." Luque is teaching the combined 5th/6th grade with 15 students. The girl with the serious question is Joanna Bjorkman.
HME Teacher Michael Luque with student
And a new athletic field
A local contractor and crew of volunteer parents created a new regulation-size athletic field, and both Foothill Elementary and Pope Valley want to start off the competition matches. Principal de Werff says, "We want to put Howell Mountain on the map with a good sports program. " In time, they want to be ready to host teams from St. Helena and Calistoga.
New athletic field at HME

Days of Green and Gold
The grapes are hanging heavy on the vine, waiting for the late October harvest. The house is chilly when we wake up. The weatherman is using the "maybe" word a lot. "Maybe" some sprinkles of rain up there on Howell Mountain. "Maybe" a light snowfall in the high Sierra.
But the most glorious color of this change of seasons in Angwin is that brilliant merging of summer green and autumn gold, the best of both. The days of past and promise. Enjoy.
Green and gold vineyard

Two longtime Angwin residents pass away
Two veteran PUC professors, teachers here for many years,
have passed away. Both were in their 90's
John Staples
John Staples, Ph. D., taught in PUC's Department of Religion for 18 years. He was a scholar, with graduate degrees from three different universities and a career that stretched from evangelism and teaching in South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to pastoring in Southern California. His teaching years at Pacific Union College ran from 1969 to 1986. He and wife, Ruth, continued to live here for the 27 years following John's retirement and his death last month at 95 years of age.
Vernon Nye, who died at 98 on July 24, had also been born before World War I. His career began as an illustrator for books and articles at the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Washington, D.C. He designed posters for the Defense Department during the Korean War. He became chairman of the PUC Art Department in 1955 and served in that post for 20 years. During his teaching years Vernon conducted outdoor workshops through the western states and in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and Hawaii. Numerous local residents learned to paint in Vernon's workshops and his works are proudly hung in numerous Angwin homes.
Vernon Nye painting