July 16, 2013

Dal Burns, a Man of Many Talents
Dal Burns
Dal Burns died a few days ago, after a long battle with cancer. He left us with the memory of an exceptionally talented man, accomplished in many disciplines.
Dal was born in England. He travelled as a teen-ager with a carnival troupe, then became a sailor in the North Sea. At 17 he went to Australia, and began a career in acting that led to numerous roles throughout his lifetime. That interest led to an audio book for children, "Kookaburra."
He travelled extensively, becoming at one time or another, an explorer, a stuntman, actor, radio scriptwriter, dairy farmer, and theater manager. He finally settled into computer engineering, following a degree in technology with honors, and then an MA in computer science from UCSF. He served as department chairman for the Computer Learning Center in San Francisco. He operated the emergency dispatch system for the City of San Francisco for five years.
He never forsook his love for the theater and worked actively as a writer, producer and actor in a large number of plays in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties.
Dal became an accomplished equestrian, active in Ride & Tie events in northern California, and after moving to Angwin became a familiar figure riding on the trails in Las Posadas Forest and PUC lands. Another of his on-going activities was a website he created to encourage student writers, WriteAcrossAmerica.
In his last years, Dal became active in Save Rural Angwin, the culmination of a lifetime of great diversity and numerous accomplishments. We have lost a man who taught us that people are capable of reinventing themselves many times, and succeeding in each.

Angwin wine auction raises $110,000 for schools
Howell Mountain grapegrowers and vintners held another of their annual wine auctions recently and drew about 300 guests vying for a chance to taste something raised high above the famous Napa Valley floor. The event raised $110,000, all of which will be given to the Howell Mountain Education Foundation.
Most of the money goes to the little Howell Mountain Elementary School, where its 110 students will continue to receive new library books, art and music instruction, field trips and special assemblies, activities which have been curtailed by budget cuts.
Angwin vintner Randy Dunn and his wife, Lori, started the wine auction 18 years ago. It has raised $680,000 during that period for the Education Foundation.
Andrea Rahm
Through the years, the Angwin wine auction has purchased 8,000 books for the Howell Mountain Elementary School. Below, Librarian Andrea Rahm reviews some of her treasures.