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About Angwin...
Angwin is a community of about 3000 residents on Howell Mountain. We are in a coastal range of northern California, about 70 mi. north of San Francisco.
The Village ranges from 1600 to 2200 ft. elevation, overlooking the scenic Napa Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and forests.
Many Angwin residents work for Pacific Union College, a liberal arts college with a national reputation, or the nearby St. Helena Hospital.

The story is in the statistics
A few weeks ago, we introduced viewers to our two new advertisers. But we didn't provide much information about them, so here it is. Just look at these numbers.
Angwin Dental..39 years, 10,000 patients
Dr. Robert Williams pioneered dental service in Angwin. He opened his office here 39 years ago. Since then he has served more then 10,000 patients. Tally those two figures and they spell one word...Experience. And a lot of Angwin people to whom he gave healthier teeth and brighter smiles. The other person on the Angwin team is Dr. Susan Fjarli, who came aboard in 2003, after serving as president of the Multnomah Dental Society and clinical professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. Another cheerful, competent person. Dr. Williams opened a Napa office in 1985, which his son, Dr. Jeff Williams, took over 10 years ago. Building a family tradition.
Advanced of the bunch
Angwin old timers, and some not so old, travel to Napa where Geoffrey Calkins and Elizabeth Gilson listen to our hearing problems and get us listening better. They face challenges and find solutions. In 2010, the independent "Bay Area Consumers' Checkbook" took a survey of 45 hearing aid centers throughout the Bay Area. Advanced Instruments hit the top of the list in six categories. Look at these scores:
Promptness of service
Quality of products
Variety of products
Ease of testing products
Overall quality
What can we exclaim about these two professional offices which have racked up years of service and statistics like these?
Something like "Wow!" comes to mind.
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June 29, 2012

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Armin Fisher professional climbing/skiing guide
Young Angwin teen-ager discovered mountains
Armin Fisher Armin Fisher
Armin Fisher, son of long-time Angwin residents John and Louisa Fisher, was a hometown lad here, growing up with a violin tucked under his chin. When he was 13, the family took him to a prestigious music conservancy in Vienna and although he followed his musical training there for several years, Armin found a pathway to another life. He discovered mountains.
Within a few years, he became a renowned climber of the high Alps. Today, at 47, he is a veteran.
His skills did not come easy. It took years of arduous training to become certified as an Italian guide and a member of the prestigious guides guild. Armin became the first American to be licensed by the Italian government as an official mountain climbing guide.
Since then climbing has become a profession for Armin in mountains which challenge the bravest, many times through snow or over icy ridges. It takes a strong body and a quick mind to reach the Alpine summits. When he takes small parties up some difficult climbs, they return with high praise for his skill and leadership.
Armin remembers his first climbing experience as a 13-year-old. With a young friend and an older man, they were overcome by a severe thunderstorm and within a short time all were soaked to the bone and freezing cold. That lasting experience, Armin says, taught him how sudden and powerful those forces can be in the Alps.
But they did not deter him from the challenge of overcoming. During the past 35 years he has worked his way up hundreds of peaks around the world. He has climbed Mt. Kenya in Africa; led expeditions to Chopiclqui, Alpamayo, Uru and Ishinca in Peru, to Ama Dablam in Nepal, to Satopaanth in India.
Today, he lives in a lovely chatot in a small Italian village but he offers his professional guide services to people who want to climb, ski or take snowshoe tours in many different places. In recent years, he has found the best remote places to ski for clients from abroad. Some are reachable only by helicopter.
Armin has never lost his love of Howell Mountain, and he returns regularly to visit his family and enjoy again the rolling hills, redwood forests, and sunny days of Napa Valley. Angwin gave him a great childhood in the out-of-doors, he remembers, and he cherishes those memories.
And yes, he still plays the violin. Really well.
Editor's Note: In doing this story, we discovered that a number of Angwin guys are mountain climbers, several of whom have climbed with Armin. They applaud him in the highest terms. We will be posting some of their stories in the near future.

A unique achievement
Angwin girl wins University law school medal
Brittany Collins Cheney won the top student award at the recent commencement ceremony of the UC Davis School of Law. In a field of very bright graduates, she topped the class for scholarship.
Diane Dillon, Third District supervisor and a graduate at the school, told us, "This honor recognizes a very unique achievement."
Brittany was a resident of Angwin with her family, until she married and enrolled at UC Davis. She had graduated summa cum laude from Pacific Union College where her father, Dr. John Collins, is vice president for assets and her mother, Rosemary, is assistant professor of communications.
In describing the award, the presenter related that Brittany had been a solid basketball player at UC Davis, and had served generously in her student project for victims of domestic violence.
John & Rosemary Collins with daughter Brittany
Brittany flanked by her parents, John and Rosemary Collins, shows off her medal.

Graduation ceremony for 15 new firemen

Veterans in the Angwin volunteer fire department train new firefighters not just for Angwin, but also for Pope Valley and Deer Park. A few days ago, residents came from all three communities and a number of distant places to applaud 15 young men and women who have completed a six-month training program. In fact, some of the audience were family members who came from Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, San Jose, Walnut Creek, and Sacramento. They filled a PUC lecture hall.
Now after 288 hours of training, the new firemen have entered a calling which for some of them will extend for years into the future.
Angwin Fire Chief Avery Browne, Chief Rodney Sterling of Deer Park and Chief Mike Damonte of Pope Valley encouraged the newcomers to grasp opportunities to improve their skills and to build on the heritage inherited for many years before them. The Angwin department has served its community for 91 years, the Pope Valley department for 89 years, and the Deer Park department for 75 years.
The Angwin newcomers include:
LVARES, Rodrigo
AUGUST, Julian
DIAZ, Selena
DUOT, Joel
KAUFMAN, Jonathan
MEZA, Daniel
RENDON, Daniel

In another part of the ceremony, Rachel Cordis and Christopher White were promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Rachel is the daughter of Keith and Tureic Cordis. Christopher is the son of Quentin and Bonnie White.
Fire Academy Graduation with Avery Browne